What Class Should I Take?

Sometimes it can be confusing as to which class a person should sign up for. This will depend on what type of job you have- or what type of job you are looking for. Typically, if you are in the Health Care Industry (CNA, EMT, Paramedic, LPN, RN, MD, etc.) you will need an American Heart Association Health Care Provider Course.

Here is a list of American Heart Association Courses for Health Care Providers:

BLS (Basic Life Support), ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support), PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support).

BLS-  4.0 hours  $70.00    ACLS- 8.0 hours  $225.00    PALS- 8.0 hours  $225.00                                       **All classes are (1) day courses for NEW or RENEWAL**

For those that are not medically trained, the American Heart Association provides the following courses for Non- Health Care Providers. These courses are excellent resources for churches, families, and for any person who is not medically trained: Heart Saver CPR and Heart Saver First Aid.

HeartSaver CPR/AED–  2.0 hours  $75.00    HeartSaver First Aid- 2.0 hours  $75.00  HeartSaver CPR/AED/First Aid Combo- 4.0 hours  $140.00

Regardless of which class you take,  it always a great idea to consult with your employer or Compliance Manager in order to make sure that the class you attend will be appropriate for your employment requirements.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us– we are always happy to help!

Need Help with Cardiac Rhythms?

We offer an online Rhythm Recognition Course that you can complete from the comfort of your own home! 

Below are some common questions and answers. If you have a question that is not answered below, just send us an e mail or give us a call!
If my certification card is expired, will I still be able to take an “update” or “Re-certification” class?
No. According to the American Heart Association, once your certification card expires, you are not eligible to take an update or re-certification class. You must take the class as if you are taking it for the first time.
Do I need to study my appropriate book and bring it in to class with me?

Yes. Each student is required to have a student book for each class.  You can purchase your books online via resources such as www.channing-bete.com or www.worldpoint.com   It takes approx. 5-7 days to receive your books

Why are your ACLS and PALS classes only 1 day instead of 2 days?

We only allow 8 students or less- this allows us to cover all of the materials needed in a single day

How do I sign up and pay for your classes?

You can either sign up on our website by clicking “Classes” (above) or simply by calling CMR CPR at (484) 265-1792. 

We require payment for each class ahead of time (unless stated otherwise). You may pre-pay online through our website, or by calling us and making a payment over the phone. We accept all major debit/credit cards as well as cash and personal/business checks.

***Please be aware that if your payment has not been received 72 hours (3 days) prior to the class start, your booking will automatically be cancelled. This will allow us to offer the class to other students, who may be on a waiting list****

Please call or e mail us if you need to make a payment the day of your class.

What happens if I lose my card?

If you lose your PAPER card or it becomes damaged, you will need a replacement card.  The fee for HeartSaver and BLS replacement cards is $20.00.  The fee for ACLS and PALS replacement cards is $35.00.  Please contact us with your name and the class/date that you attended.  We will then send you a payment link and send your new E-card out to you upon class verification.


What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy states that once you have paid for a class, we will be unable to issue refunds for cancellations, no-shows or if you change your mind.  You are able to reschedule to a  different date without penalty, as long as you call us BEFORE your original class date.

What if I am going to be late?

We realize that folks can be running late from time to time, it’s part of life. If you feel that you will be arriving late, give us a call.

We are able to delay our class start time by NO LONGER THAN 10 minutes. If you arrive (or plan to arrive) later than 10 minutes after the class is scheduled to begin, you will need to call and re-schedule your class with us. WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ISSUE REFUNDS TO STUDENTS THAT ARE UNABLE TO ARRIVE TO THEIR SCHEDULED CLASS ON TIME and do not call us ahead of time. Thank you for understanding.

When do I receive my Certification Card?

In most cases, you will receive your official certification card the same day as your class- delivered to your email address.  The AHA no longer provides “Paper” certification cards.

Do you hold private and/or group classes?
Yes. We are more than happy to provide group classes at your place of business or even private classes in your home or our classroom. Please call us for special pricing; and yes- we offer group discounts!